Official Dittrich’s Appraisals

It is in your best interest to provide your insurance company with, and to keep for your own personal records, an accurate replacement value of your fur garments. Dittrich Furs can provide you with an Official Dittrich Furs “Certificate of Appraisal”. Our appraisal certificates are accepted by U.S. and Canadian taxing authorities and insurance companies worldwide.

Since replacement values fluctuate based on supply and demand of the world fur markets, your insurance company may request an updated appraisal every two to three years to ensure that your homeowner’s or renter’s coverage is accurate and up to date.

Our expert management staff will carefully assess the current price trends to assign an accurate retail replacement value to your garment. The certificate will include this value and a complete description of the garment with details such as length and sweep to ensure your protection. If you purchased your garment from us, you may receive one written appraisal per year upon request at no charge. If your purchase was made elsewhere but you still require our expertise, we will be glad to provide an appraisal at a reasonable fee. No appointment is necessary, simply bring your garment to us for an evaluation and we’ll generate the certificate while you wait.

Note: Please protect your investment! Make sure your insurance policy covers full replacement of your fur in the event of a loss, with no depreciation. If it does not, consider the Fur Storage and Protection Plan offered by Dittrich Furs.