Fur Care


This guide was created for you, the person who wants to enjoy their furs through many seasons of beautiful, fashionable wear. Sometimes people forget to protect their investment with the simplest precautions. If you want your garment to remain as lovely and luxurious as the day you bought them, read and practice the following hints recommended by the Dittrich’s:

1. Never comb or brush furs, just shake them out.

2. Never leave a fur near heat because it causes both fur and leather to become brittle.

3. During warm weather, furs need to be protected from heat, humidity and insects, such as moths. They should be placed in modern storage vaults where temperature and humidity (34 °F and less than 40%) are kept constant.

4. Never mothproof furs with chemical sprays. To avoid moths be sure to store them under the auspices of a furrier. Never store your fur with moth balls, it will dry your garment out.

5. Furs need to be cleaned regularly (at least yearly) and only by a fur specialist who really knows how to clean furs. Professional cleaning removes dirt, enlivens the leather and rejuvenates the luster. It will prolong the life of a fur garment.

6. Since minor problems may become major problems, have any small rips or worn areas repaired immediately by a reputable furrier

7. Be certain that you have adequate insurance with up-to-date appraisals on each fur garment that you own. Most likely your Homeowner’s will not adequately cover your garments unless there is a specific rider to the basic policy. If you require a written appraisal on your fur or if you are interested in our year-round insurance and storage, we will be happy to help you.

8. If furs are damp, hang them to dry in a cool place with circulating air – not in a closet. Rain or snow won’t damage a fur if this drying procedure is initiated immediately. However, if the fur is soaked through, take it immediately to a reliable furrier for proper treatment.

9. Use broad-shouldered hangers when hanging a fur garment in a closet and allow space to prevent it from being crushed or creased. If you place your fur in a garment bag, it should be a porous garment bag so that the fur is allowed air flow. Fur garments should not be constantly stored in a garment bag as this may crush the fur. Remove your fur from the bag and allow it to hang freely.

10. Never store your fur in a plastic bag. Air cannot circulate and the leather will dry out. Given reasonable care, your furs will last for many enjoyable years.

11. Don’t pin flowers or jewelry on your furs and try not to wear heavy jewelry where it can rub against the fur.

12. Use belts and hooks with discrimination as they can be points of wear. Always be sure to unhook and/or unbutton furs before sitting to prevent pulling or tearing.

13. Never allow perfume, hairspray, or makeup to come into direct contact with furs. The alcohol content in these products will dry the leather and stiffen the guard hairs.

14. Car upholstery should be covered with a smooth cloth to prevent damage to your fur. Car upholstery can grab the guard hairs on your garment and pull them out when you leave your seat.