The only TRUE COLD FUR STORAGE in Michigan!

When winter is over don’t hang your fur in the closet, basement, attic or cedar closet, this can damage your coat. As the weather changes, so does the humidity and temperature. Even “air-conditioning” cannot properly protect your furs at home. Heat and humidity deplete the natural balance of oils in your fur, greatly shortening its lifespan.

Dittrich Furs is the ONLY furrier in Michigan that operates on site, 34° COLD STORAGE VAULTS. Dittrich vaults are:

♦  On premises and kept at 34° F ♦  Humidity and light controlled  ♦  Vermin proof  ♦  Monitored 24/7  ♦  underground & extremely SECURE ♦

No other furrier in the State of Michigan offers such complete services and facilities, especially at such a low price. We take pride in keeping your furs looking good, even if you purchased your garment elsewhere. Dittrich Furs offers the best protection available and all furs deserve Dittrich’s summer care … “Dittrich Care” means longer wear.



  • Located on Dittrich premises
  • Located safely underground
  • Steel reinforced concrete walls and ceiling well beyond standard building specifications
  • Fireproof facility
  • Multi-tiered Bank vault door system
  • Several types of alarm sensors with multi-redundancy
  • Redundant alarm communication systems with direct connection to authorities and protection services
  • True refrigeration system (not air-conditioned) with optimized target of 34 °F
  • True humidity control system
  • Controlled lighting (to prevent oxidization and discoloration)
  • Sealed against insects and vermin
  • Individual space for each and every customer garment (you fur will not be crammed or crushed!)

For your convenience we offer pick-up and delivery services.  Please call us for rates and scheduling.

Our Storage Vaults are on Premise…not in another state!
You can pick up your garment at any time… without prior notification!
Our Vaults are kept at 34 ° degrees and Humidity Controlled… not an air-conditioned room!
There is NO SAFER place for your fur than in Dittrich’s storage!

Please remember to store hats, headbands and fur linings these items are also susceptible to summer damage. Hats and other small items are wrapped in acid-free tissue and carefully stored for their summer stay.

We individually space your garments on sturdy custom hangers. Our full time staff maintains the vaults at optimum temperature (34 °F) and humidity (45%). Every storage garment is given a free inspection by Dittrich’s upper management.

You may ask “Why is Cold Storage neccessary and so important?” or “Why 34 °F?”
Remember that your fur is a biological product that biodegrades over time. There is nothing you can do to stop this biodegradation, but you can slow it down.

The goal is to bring the garments temperature to as close to freezing as possible, without actually freezing it. The colder the temperature, the slower the degradation. Freezing a fur would actually stop the process entirely, but a cycle of freezing and thawing would cause damage to both the leather and the fur itself. (think about all the potholes that appear in the roads during the spring.) Temperatures above 38 °F begin to loose its effectiveness as cold storage. Temperatures 40’s and 50’s are not effective at all.