Repairs and Alterations

Dittrich’s Professional Repairs

Fur does need special care from time to time; there’s no need to overprotect it.   You bought your fur to wear everywhere, in all kinds of weather.   Enjoy it!   Wear it out and about in good health and with the assurance that you’ll stay warm and look great wherever you go.

If your fur is several years old, a checkup is definitely in order.   We examine your garment for weakened seams, wear on the edges of the sleeves and collar and on the elbows.   Although these types of problems may seem like a disaster to you, our master furrier repairs them using years of finely tuned skill.

If disaster should strike at home, always avoid “do-it-yourself” remedies.   You can cause further damage to your garment by trying to repair even a small tear yourself.   Sewing by hand can further weaken the leather around the tear.   Our furrier uses a special fur machine for the initial repair and then reinforces the area with a special material for added strength.   If the repair requires additional material the match will be perfect.

Whether your garment just requires a minor repair, a new lining, or perhaps a whole new look you can trust our master furrier to discuss all the possibilities.

Professional Alterations

Of all the clothing purchases made in a lifetime nothing lasts as long or continues to look as good as a well-kept fur. Just as people adapt to change, so can fur. With the right furrier, any fur can maintain its luster through the varied phases of life. As you or clothing styles change your garment may require some alterations. If you’ve lost or gained weight, your garments closures may need a little adjustment or, if necessary, the size of your fur can even be reduced or enlarged. As fashions change your fur can be shortened or lengthened, your collar can be made smaller or enlarged, sleeves and bodies can be narrowed or widened. Whatever your needs, our Master Furrier can make adjustments so your fur will once again fit you perfectly and perfectly into your lifestyle. Our Master furrier and full-service shop of seamstresses can accomplish all of your alteration needs.

Bring your garment to Dittrich Furs to discuss the possible options. Our sales staff, along with our expert furrier, will devote their time, energy and ingenuity to help you achieve the look you want. Rest assured that the same craftsmanship that goes into producing new fine furs will be applied to the alteration of your garment.