Dittrich’s Expert Cleaning is the BEST in the Business!

Protect your furs and outerwear from Summer’s heat. Prolong the life of your furs and keep them looking beautiful for years to come.

For 128 years, Dittrich Furs has been selling and cleaning furs in Detroit. And, Dittrich Furs is the ONLY Authorized Furcare Specialistsm in Michigan! They use state-of-the-art technologies & methods, and your clean your furs and outerwear ON DITTRICH FURS’ PREMISES by trained Dittrich professionals!

Cleaning your fur regularly (a minimum of once per year) will help you enjoy your fur through many seasons. Various substances such as dust, perfume, makeup, and every day airborne pollutants accumulate on the fur. These substances act like a sponge, absorbing the natural oils from the leather underneath the fur causing them to dry out and become stiff and brittle, and eventually fall apart. Regular cleaning will remove these pollutants and greatly extend the life of your garment.

Similarly, cleaning hats and headbands removes the residue left from hair products. Remember that most hairsprays contain alcohol (a drying agent) which is harmful to fur. Neglect will decrease the shine, softness, and the life of your fur. Experts recommend cleaning your fur a MINIMUM of once per year, whether you have worn it or not to increase its longevity, retain its shine and to slow the natural bio-degredation. If you wear your fur often (more than once per week) it is recommended that you have it cleaned mid-season as well.

Our Fur Cleaners

Have over 100 years of knowledge behind their work!

Have been professionally trained!

Have decades of experience!

Clean your fur completely and CORRECTLY!

Dittrich Furs cleans ALL natural outerwear materials, such as fur, leather, suede, shearling, cashmere, and more.
We do not clean synthetic materials unless they are attached to a natural material garment.

Our trained technicians give personal attention to each garment during Dittrich’s exclusive cleaning process. A fur coat lining (usually silk) is susceptible to stains and requires just the right touch during pre-spotting to remove stains. The furs are then tumbled in drums with a material similar to sawdust that has been dampened with specially mixed cleaning solutions. This tumbling process cleans the fur and keeps the leather soft and supple. The garment is then glazed to bring out the fur’s natural luster and to make it soft and fluffy. To ensure that no sawdust remains after the tumbling process every garment is blown out with high-pressure air (inside and out). The time spent by our cleaning staff on your fur can vary from from 2 to 10 hours.

Special care hand cleaning is available for tender, older garments. After cleaning, a guaranteed lining protector may be applied. This treatment repels stains for up to one year.

After the cleaning has been completed garments are sent to Dittrich Furs’ on-premise alteration department. Here, the garments are carefully inspected again. Loose fasteners are tightened and minor repairs to linings are performed at no charge to the customer.

Furs require special care to prevent permanent damage. Don’t ever attempt to remove a spot or stain at home. Our expert cleaners can remove most of life’s misfortunes such as; make-up, grease, food, bublegum, ink, paint, etc.