Remodels and Restyling

Professional Remodeling

Of all the clothing purchases made in a lifetime nothing lasts as long or continues to look as good as a well-kept fur. A mink coat can last twenty years with good care. As fashion styles change with the times… so can a fur garment. Not only is fur a renewable resource, it is an amazingly durable fabric that can be reworked over and over again to match every season of life.

If your fur seems outdated, a minor or complete remodel is an excellent alternative to letting it hang in your closet unworn. A remodel can consist of minor changes such as adding fashion buttons, changing the collar to an updated style or changing the cuffs to something that better suits your taste. A fur in good condition can be taken apart and reworked into a whole new pattern. Our master furrier can insert pelts to add more sweep or remove pelts to give it a narrow modern design. Sleeves can be narrowed or widened or the mid-section can be shaped for a more fitted look to accentuate your figure. Often times a fur that seems over the hill can be rescued. The mink stole inherited from a Great Aunt that you can’t bear to throw out can be turned into a keepsake teddy bear. You may want to consider using your garment as the fur lining in a rain coat so that it may continue to shield you from the cold.

The possibilities are endless,

limited only by your imagination.

Some examples of the possibilities:

  • Shear your long-hair coat for a whole new look.
  • Turn a full-length coat into a high-fashion jacket or bolero.
  • Turn a coat into a fitted vest and use the left over material to trim denim or leather pants.
  • Turn a fur garment into teddy bears, earmuffs, or throw pillows.
  • Use the fur from a garment to add a collar and cuffs to a sweater that you provide.
  • Use the fur from your old fur jacket or coat to line a rain or trench coat which you provide.

Our Managers and Master Furrier will listen to you carefully to determine what you like and dislike. They will help you decide what will work best with your particular garment, lifestyle and taste in fashion. Our furrier and team of seamstresses will then apply the same skill and craftsmanship to your remodel that they use to create a new fine furs. There is no need spend another winter of discontent wearing a fur that you’re not happy with. You will once again look forward to those frosty days when you wrap yourself in beautiful fur fashion. Bring your garment to Dittrich Furs to discuss the possibilities.